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It's so terribly depressing to see everyone like this. it's heart breaking. not only does a tragedy like this hurt us it makes us reflect on our own mortalitly and the fact that we can lose the friends that are so close to us anyday. i wouldn't be able to handle it. but we have to handle it the best we can. we have to go on and remember them and cherish them with all we have. they may be gone in body but they will alwasy be here with us, guiding us, loving us. And we need to love them. so many tears have been shed. but ask yourself, would they have wanted you to cry for them? When i die i don't want anyone to weep for me, but rejoice. for i will encounter the greatest adventure i have ever known. So do not weep for them, cherish them, rejoice, for them, remember them. Death is only the beginning,and only the good die young.
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