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times are hard right now. confusing. Mark came back,and my mom took him back. now he's making empty promises. i'm supposed to be getting a car and when and if i do. (if mark keeps his promise) i want to go visit Bryan. hopefully he'll visit this summer. back to mark. i don't know if i should trust him. i don't. it tears him up that i won't talk to him. but oh well, he's the one who walked out. screw him. he just better not hurt my mom agian. this time when he say's forever he better mean it or he'll have me to deal with. he's also promised to take us on our first "family" vacation. to disneyworld this summer. i love disney world but i doubt he'll take us. he neevr keeps his promises. i alwasy knew he'd weedle his way back into our lives.

i'm supposed to go the Vineyard tonight. i promised someone i'd go see him play. him and i have been talking a lot lately. but i don't know if it's wrong. he's so sweet, but i'm confused. it'll sort itself out though. he needs time and i definetly need time.

i'm gettign my computer back and aol. so when i get my new e-mail and AIM i'll post it here and on my xanga(which i haven't been on forever) oh howw i miss my late night talks till 3-4 in the morning with my dear Bryan. i miss it so.

can't wait to see Star Wars episode III. it's going ot be so awesome.

and to a certain someone. it'll be okay darling. do what makes you happy. i'll be here no matter what. you can't make everyone happy, so don't try. you need to be happy. i'd like to see you happy. all my love dear.

i love you all.

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