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you have three guesses and your wrong on all of them so i'll tell you...

Bryan, dear, sweet,tempting, seductive,and so damn sexy, bryan is coming up. YAY! it is going ot be wonderful. everyone has to meet him becasue he's wonderful. yes bryan you are. i wouldn't talk to you for 5 hours everynight if you were not. off to the mall, camping, and other unmentionalble things. and other things yet to be planned.

so exams are easy as all get out. half days are great.

i went to hell church yesterday, and it's creepy. it gave me a sick feeling. that place is freaking evil. but interesting. i feel bad for people that meddle in that stuff.
well i got to go. i'll write more when and if i get a new computer. i'll keep my fingers crossed. i love you all. Alicia you are great. and jerry..i hope your boobs come in like you want them to. and we all have to go back to the mall this weekend. i love you guys.

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